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Review: Titans Villains for Hire Special

Another kinda big death in comics this week... Not spoiled by the way.

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With Osiris back in town, that makes this little diddy a Brightest Day tie-in. These new Titans are all formed up with the intention on killing the Atom, Ryan Choi. who survives? Who bites the bucket? Is the tension so great that you'll be unable to finish the comic? 

The Good

I don't know whether I like or dislike this book. I'm right down the middle. I'm enjoying the main story artist on this book immensely,  Fabrizio Fiorentino I believe. The story is so-so, but I like the dynamic of this team, and I love seeing Tattooed Man actually doing something for a change, even if it involves his tribal tattoos. Deathstroke is a great strategist and fighter, so having him lead a team of essentially C-List villains is incredibly pleasing. This team works together surprisingly well thanks to the writing of Eric Wallace, but I only enjoyed his writing really during the main storyline. Best part of this book? 2-page Splash that thoroughly amazed me. I'd hang this bad boy on my wall if I could.

The Bad

This comics left me feeling a little annoyed and unfulfilled. All this story is about is Deathstroke's team trying to kill the new Atom. Sure, there's backstory here and there about how each member became to join the team, but I felt like I was losing interest in the main story when they'd jump to said backstories. The art changed when the story flashed back to how they joined the team, and I was not a fan of that. I'd rather just see the same artist do the whole book. 

The Verdict - 3/5

I'd rather see these guys have their own monthly book other than having to jump into the Titans to continue reading. Who knows if they'll actually become the Titans, and if they do, they may just be easily replaced months down the road. If you're into the Titans, pick up the book. If you're just into everything Brightest Day has to offer, skip this one. If you like Ray Choi as the Atom, you may want to own this.