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Review: Titans #27

Speedy's hurting again!

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Just as these "titans" round out their rescue of innocent children from Elijah's nefarious clutches, Roy Harper starts experiencing a resurgence in his addictive symptoms that could jeopardize everything he's won. 

The Good

Wallace has a real sense of cadence and character. Harper's inner monologue reads like a confessional transcript because the beats of his relapse/withdrawal feel real without ever getting heavy-handed. I really enjoyed the moral complexity presented here - - not only in his "professional life" but also in his on/off, self-destructive relationship with Cheshire. Actually, I'm always a fan of Suicide Squad style comics and this is a great title to complement the likes of Secret Six and even Thunderbolts.

The Bad

This is another comic that's suffered from not having an inker. I do like texture that remains from the pencils' graphite but... the figures could definitely have benefited from more defined line work. Every panel I looked at, I couldn't help shaking the feeling that something important was missing.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

I haven't been paying that close attention, so I didn't realize that this was a separate book from Teen Titans until I looked up the cover for this issue. Now, with a comparison apparent, I'll say I prefer this out of the two. The concept of "villains for hire" with ex-Titans and Titans associates having to work with their old foes captures my imagination a bit more than just another team of young heroes.