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Review: Time Masters: Vanishing Point #3

Another remind of what got you into comics in the first place.

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The search for Batman gets positively labyrinthine as Rip Hunter, Booster Gold and their skeleton crew of "time masters" have adventures across a wider variety of epochs.

The Good

This book is just good, clean fun. Even when I wasn't quite familiar with all the characters and their place in continuity (more on that below) I was still enjoying this romp through DC's chronological cosmology. Jurgens is a great nuts and bolts artist whose every line is always in service of telling the story without any flashy distractions.  Maybe what I enjoyed the most about this was the strange relationships and interactions that time travel creates - - how Rip Hunter is Booster Gold's son (I guess?), how the Hyperborean-era wizard covets the heroes' present and even how Despero keeps the likes of the Ultra Humanite and Per Degaton on task.

The Bad

As I said with the previous issue -- this title could really use a recap page or some of those mini "Who's Who" captions DC's been using lately to quickly bring readers up to speed on the characters. I'm a seasoned veteran of DC's continuity and even I was having a hard time remembering who Claw, Starfire and then the Wave Riders are. The reveal on the last page would have had a lot more "oomph" if I had a little more set-up.

The Verdict - 4/5

I enjoyed this book for the same reasons I enjoyed this week's issue of Detective Comics. Jurgens isn't trying to reinvent the wheel, here, but he's crafted a comic here that delivers that kind of simple escapism that brings me back to what I enjoyed about reading comics in the first place as a boy. This book really ought to be titled Booster Gold, because it's directly continuing everything you enjoyed about Jurgens' run on that book.