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Review: Thunderbolts #145

Already sure to be one of the best runs on this title.

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There's much more to Zemo's reappearance than meets the eye, and the secrets behind that will test the characters of this new Thunderbolts line-up just before they have to deal with some runaway Asgardian trolls.

The Good

The twist on the twist ending that closed out the last issue is nothing short of brilliant. Not only is it suspenseful and surprising, it also actually addresses a lot of issues raised about the volatility of this line-up and it reveals a lot about them in the best way -- through their actions. I especially enjoyed Ghost's cold, unfazed reaction to the break out plot and Juggernaut's rather amusing predicament following his escape. And I was so glad to see USAgent return after his maiming at the hands of Nuke -- and in such a startling, but totally fitting way. Parker has such a handle on these characters, I'd almost describe it as a mastery. And I am seriously digging Walker's style here - - it reminds me of Charlie Adlard's work in the best way. Not only does it strike the right mix of cartoonishness and superheroic dynamism, but it actually gets rather badass during the fight with the trolls. There's just serious character in the lines.

The Bad

As much as this line-up being a motley crew makes their team dynamic so interesting, I still can't shake Man-Thing's inclusion as being a little too far removed from the corner of the Marvel universe that these characters are supposed to be walking around in.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

I've been following Thunderbolts since the very beginning, through all its reinventions and I'm sure this is going to be regarded as one of the signature runs. Parker and Walker are picking this book up and making it their own, while still honoring what's come immediately before in Siege as well as the title. This is one of stand-out comics this week. You really should pick it up. I can't wait to see what happens next and what dark twists these two have in store for us.