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Review: Thor: First Thunder #2

Thor's got some identity issues.

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Frustrated with the confines of Don Blake's mild-mannered lifestyle, Thor journeys to Asgard's gates and, in doing so, accidentally sets Loki free.

The Good

I'm really enjoying Glass' approach to Thor and Don Blake's relationship - - giving some very Freudian split personality subtext. I don't know if this angle's ever been explored before, but it certainly makes these early stories significantly more intriguing. He's got a strong command of the Asgardians' poetic "spach," giving the dialog a rich depth that's almost like silk in my "mind's ear."

The Bad

While I'm a huge fan of Huat and Villarubia's work, the art in this issue suffers noticeably for not having inks. The line work quite often needs the kind of tightening inking brings and, because of this, the pages often look blurry, as if you're seeing them through foggy glass. While I understand the intention to give this more of a classical, story book look, an inker's presence is sorely missed.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

There have been a number of retellings of Marvel heroes' early days and this is one of the more successful ones because it infuses these simple stories with some provocative psychological depth. I actually wonder if Glass might've been better off taking even more creative license with the original stories, because the dialog soars here while the plotting sometimes seems a little tangled.