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Review: Thor #617

Loki's dead. Long live Loki.

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Thor seeks out and claims a reincarnated Loki while Balder tragically ignores the apocalyptic warnings of a scientist associate of Iron Man's.

The Good

Having been around since the title reverted back to Journey to Mystery following Onslaught, I'm actually quite pleased by this latest riff on the notion of the Aesir hiding in civilian human identities. That, along with Balder's ennui regarding the fate of Asgard, combines the traditional romance of these stories with a modern sci-fi edge without things ever getting maudlin or awkwardly melded.

The Bad

Like I always say, I really wish they hadn't gone straight to colors with the art. I love Ferry's art but, here, I was all-too-often taken of the experience by thinking about how the lines and shading didn't always integrate seamlessly with the lettering or the colors. Especially with a character like Thor, I feel like this needed that kind bold, firm strength you can only get from inked art.

The Verdict - 4/5

No less than three titles starring Thor have come out this week and, even though they tread on similar ground, they've all found their own, distinct angle. Oddly enough, I suppose I enjoyed this in the same way I can get behind those sporadic contemporary updates of Shakespeare. Thor re-discovering Loki as teen con man makes this mythos feel alive and actually kind of hopefully - - and I'm glad to see more of the Aesir finally getting some sleek re-designs to catch up with Thor's.