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Review: Thor #609

Buy this for Balder's bullet time. Trust me.

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Balder turns the tables on the Hood and Loki while the rest of the Aesir fall from Asgard into Oklahoma.
The part where Balder spins the Hood's bullet around the edge of his sword and flings it right back has got to be one of the coolest scenes I've seen in a while. I don't know whether to credit Tan or Elson, or even colorists Christina Strain or June Chung, since they switch back and forth so much throughout this issue (the transition is seamless enough, actually, that I didn't notice it until I went back and looked at the credits). But the blown-out look to the coloring in that part was really virtuoso. I'll tip my hat, as well, to Gillen's handling of the Aesir's pseudo-Victorian style of speech. It's frequently difficult to find a balance with, but he did it in a way that was refined while still being concise; authentic without getting flowery. I especially enjoyed Balder's monologue at the end where he banishes Loki from Asgard. You practically want to pump your fist into the air and root for him!

This is a minor quibble, but I wasn't feeling the Nordic-style font used for all the gods here. It has an inconsistent mix of cases that frequently makes it look like there's typos in the dialogue, and it got a little distracting.

If you need one reason to pick this up, check out for the Balder's demonstration of godly bullet time. As I said with Secret Avengers, this is an excellent example of how to do a monthly book. You can just drop into this without having read Siege or even previous issues of Thor and still enjoy the story for it was. Odds are, you'll be intrigued to see the backstory lurking underneath. And, while you might not always be certain of exactly who is drawing this, you're always going to find the art jaw-dropping.