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Review: The Thanos Imperative: Ignition

Thanos is back and so is a special mystery character!

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Thanos is back! Yes he's returned a couple months ago in the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy but now he has a book with his name in the title. I don't know what it is about this guy with the ugly mug but ever since I first read his "resurrection" in the early 90s in the pages of Silver Surfer, I started digging Thanos. I went back and read some of his earlier appearances from the 70s and really started liking him as this ultimate force. 

The Good

Thanos. He's back and he's not happy. The fact that we have The Thanos Imperative with his name in the title tells me something big is going to happen. I was a fan of the Infinity and Warlock books but there was something that bothered me throughout Annihilation. Maybe it was the fact that Thanos died. While reading you get a feeling that there will be some big event that occurs at the end. Let's just say...there is.

The Bad

Not enough Thanos. While it's nice seeing the other "cosmic" Marvel characters, some of them I'm still not crazy about. I kept waiting for more Thanos but this is just setting the stage for what's to come. I also have to wonder where this fits in with this week's Secret Avengers since Nova is appearing in both books and neither really acknowledges the other.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

Boom! I'm still getting over that ending. I've been trying to avoid the cosmic books lately but this has pulled me back in. Thanos, Nova, Magus, a mystery surprise person, it's all crazy and it's all good. If you haven't been reading Guardians of the Galaxy or the War Of Kings books, you can still pick this up and follow along. This is what "event" books should be like. You get a feeling that something big will happen and we'll see some lasting results. Siege was a nice story but this one issue felt like it could have a bigger impact than all the Siege books combined.   

I knock off half a star only because I wanted more Thanos and because I'm tired of a couple of the "cosmic" characters. But it still gets a high rating.