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Review: The Many Loves of the Amazing Spider-Man

Trust me, it's barely about love.

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  The random book I picked this week was this, The Many Loves of the Amazing-Spider Man, and I expected it to be "blah" at best; however, this was one of those books that really surprised me. This one-shot contains three stories: One involving Black cat, one with Carlie and Gwen, and the last story with Mary Jane.

The Good

Story one was so much fun! Not only that, but is was laugh out loud funny. This wasn't as much about Black Cat as it was about Spider-Man in a hilariously awkward situation and the ridiculousness of magic. The art work was also so much fun and fit the writing so well. Out of all the comics I read this week, I enjoyed this story the most. However, not every story was this great. The second story involving Carlie and Gwen was very interesting and a bit of kiddie fun, with some adult undertones. I enjoyed the art work quite a bit, pulp comics meets Darwyn Cooke is the best way to describe it. For the third story, well...

The Bad

It was hard to finish the third story in this book. It all revolved around Mary Jane Watson being famous and her history with Peter. "Do I call Peter? Do I not? Oh how I miss him, but refuse to say it out loud!" In fact, the only thing I enjoyed about this story was that there was a Lady-Stiltman in it. Otherwise, it was not worth the time.

The Verdict

The first two stories were great, and I received an immense amount of enjoyment reading them. I'd say I kind of recommend this book, but make sure to skip out on the third story, unless you're into a story that starts nowhere and goes nowhere.

Story 1: 5/5

Story 2: 4/5

Story 3: 1.5/5


Overall: 3.5/5