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Review: The Flash #3

This what a good Flash cartoon would be like. And not the kind you see on FreeRealms.

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Barry Allen suffers scrutiny for potentially tampering with a crime scene, the Flash faces an entire team of super rogues from the future and Captain Boomerang discovers a whole new set of powers to go with his resurrection.

The Good

Manapul's art is an absolute joy to behold. I'm rarely a fan of colored art without inks, but this is one of the few cases where the effect actually works, adding to the sense of speedy blurriness that fits the Flash. There's much more of an illustrative quality to the pages here, almost like water colors. I felt like I was looking at a good children's book or production design album for my coffee table. Maybe it's specifically a bit of fanboy interest, but I liked the way Johns worked over the Flash's mythos here - - like giving Captain Boomerang the Black Lantern boomerangs and introducing the future rogues who are so convinced that Flash is the bad guy. It's simple, possibly silly... but I still like how they're Mirror MONARCH, COMMANDER Cold, HeatSTROKE and so on - - it makes this like an evil inversion of DC One Million.

The Bad

I'm still not especially keen on Barry Allen being the Flash again. That's more a comment on the idea of this title, rather than the execution, but the character's death in Crisis on Infinite Earths was such a pivotal, classic moment and seeing him here again, after it seemed like it was an off-limits story, just harps on how every major storyline in the DCU eventually gets reversed. Oliver Queen comes back from the dead, Hal Jordan comes back from the dead, even Captain Boomerang comes back from the dead here and basically everything significant about a landmark story like Crisis has been undone.

The Verdict - 4/5

I'm sure Johns has an epic scheme already plotted out for this title and it's intriguing to see the beginnings of what promise to be some major updates and revisions to the Flash mythos. Manupal's art also gives this the feeling of a good episode of a Flash cartoon. That is, something that's representative of all eras of the Flash while still injecting it with some current zest from outside schools of style.