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Review: The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Journey Begins

A long title for a great comic.

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Whenever I think of The Dark Tower, I have to take a deep breathe. It was a series I truly enjoyed. Now we're getting into where the novels began.

The Good

It's Roland chasing after the Man In Black. This is where we came in during the first novel. I have been enjoying the past series, seeing Roland as a youth, but part of me wants to see how the later events will play out in the comics. Everything works here. The dialogue, the art, the colors, it all feels like it's The Gunslinger. Even knowing how things end, it still feels fresh. 

The Bad

I wish I could be reading the entire mini-series instead of just the first issue. I want more.

The Verdict - 5/5

If you've ever read The Dark Tower books or any of the past comics, you know what to expect here. The past series did delve into Roland's past but sometimes felt a little convoluted. I feel like we're back on track here. Even though we're finally seeing scenes from the first book, the telling of Roland's past is not over. Some time has passed between this series and The Battle Of Jericho Hill. We'll be seeing more of what Roland was up to and what made him who he is. I loved the books and really dug this comic.