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Review: The Boys #42

Wee Hughie falls in with Super Duper.

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Wee Hugie's stakeout of Super Duper takes an embarrassing turn when he actually falls in with the band of superhero rejects.


I don't think I mentioned in my review of the last issue that Tony Avina's coloring work is really remarkable. In addition to the great production work he layers on Robertson's lines, he also puts in a lot of detail that really sells the character points and gags. Particularly, there's the "farmer's tan" on the jock superhero's butt and the slight reveal of Malchemical's shapeshifting towards the end.
Ennis' dialogue is great as always, giving a solid sense of reality to even the most ridiculous situations. Even as outlandish as this gets, he's also the master of subtle, but direct, understatement.  I especially liked Hughie's mounting exasperation over Super Duper's oddness, his confrontation with Malchemical and the way the rest of the Boys keep this stakeout in perspective for him. Robertson's work is great as always, giving you characters with a real range of personalities throughout - - making even kitchen conversations fun to look at. 


The thing I'm trying to shake off while reading this series (but having a lot of trouble doing so) is the sense that superhero deconstructionism feels really passe'. I feel like I've already seen a lot of this brand of vulgar parody of capes years ago with things like Marshall Law, so even though this is done well, it doesn't feel that fresh.

THE VERDICT -- 3.5/5

Once again, my enjoyment of The Boys is tempered by a wish to see what this team could be doing instead. Ennis, Robertson and Avina are tremendous talents, so far above most others, that I'd really like to see them doing something like an arc in Ennis' Battlefields instead of another comic turning superheroes on their head. That being said, this is still worthwhile read if you want a very well-done comic.