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Review: The Astounding Wolf-Man #22

Wolves, Mech Maids and Blue people... oh my!

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The second part of the "Legacy" storyline unfolds, bringing the Wolf-Man closer to the conclusion of his own title.
Jason Howard is an amazing artist. His line work is clean, his characters are dynamic and his layouts are engaging. I especially liked the double-splash reveal of all werewolves gathered before their leader. The back-up feature he did all by himself (about a cold war between blue skinned and red creatures) is actually better than the main feature.
While this is better than Invincible Returns, it's still a bit hard to follow.  It feels like a lot of clutter without much of a throughline to follow the plot clearly. I suppose that might be different if I'd read this title from the first issue, or even from the beginning of this storyline, but I'm not entirely sure.
While Jason Howard is a name I'll definitely be looking out for in the future, I don't have much desire to check this title out after this issue. It just doesn't offer much that I haven't already seen in so many other superhero comics from Marvel and DC.