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Review: Thanos Imperative #5

Thanos... and Mar-Vell? Say it ain't so!

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So much is going on! In the main thread, Thanos breaches the wall to confront the Cancerverse's Mar-Vell counterpart... but no one can predict his true intentions for doing so!

The Good

My issues with production have been largely resolved. While I still prefer inks over color pencils, Sepulveda and Ramos have refined their technique and tightened their lines enough that I really didn't notice anything lacking. Storywise,I've been really enjoying the twists and turns Abnett and Lanning have been weaving through Marvel's greater cosmology. There's a purple nurple of atwist at the end of this that re-defines Thanos and evil Mar-Vell's relationship in a way compelling enough to ascend this series to an even more mythic level.

The Bad

My issues with this issues are the same ones I''ve had throughout the entire series. I really feel like that there are more characters than this single title can handle. You have a lot of characters who appear just to dress the background instead of contribute anything to the plot. In particular, I think the inclusion of the evil Avengers (as opposed to evil Guardians) makes things messier than they need to be. 

The Verdict - 4/5

I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for superhero space opera. And this is ten-strong dose of the stuff. I suppose I shouldn't fault the book for being crowded - - it's meant to be a mega-crossover contained in a succinct mini-series. Marvel's space heroes have rarely ever had this kind overarching direction and that's exciting. I just it would be a touch neater.