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Review: Teen Titans #84

Again, I liked the back-up feature more.

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Half of the Titans enter the upside-down realm of the Wyld World while the remaining members search beneath the equal alien quarters of the deep sea for answers regarding the whereabouts of Raven.

The Good

Coven of Three continues to be a enjoyable romp through DC's magical corners that's actually got some weight and pathos to it. The concept of these kids getting thrust into another reality where they get their wishes even though everything's still horribly off is a familiar theme (it was the premise of House of M, after all.) But I got into the suspenseful way Ogle revealed this faux reality, as well as the believable responses the character's had to these outlandish circumstances. Even if it's a lie, would it really be that bad? It's a fair question. I really enjoyed Naifeh's art, as well, especially for his splash of the fantasy-style Metropolis. The main feature's strengths were Luis' impressively detailed art (especially in the underwater portions) as well as the amusing fairy tale-style inversions the Titans experience in their own parallel world adventure with the Wyld world.

The Bad

I don't know... the main feature just wasn't that exciting. It felt rather by-the-numbers for a superhero team book and I continue to feel like there are too many characters in this line-up than are needed. It seemed like certain characters were just standing in the background because they had to be there. And the sudden appearance of Ms. Martian at the end, warning about "something bad" happening wasn't an especially intriguing cliffhanger.

The Verdict - 3/5

Once again, I preferred the second feature over the main feature. Maybe that's because it had a smaller (and more manageable) cast of characters, focusing their interplay on the intriguing situations they've been dropped into by these scheming demons. The main feature with the Titans, like I said, just didn't really grab me and this is the second issue in a row where I've felt like that.