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Review: Teen Titans #83

A soap in tights.

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After Raven's kidnapped by the Wyld, the Titans scramble to figure out how to get her back while sorting out their own inter-team relationships.

The Good

I liked the Coven of Three: Dark Harvest back-up feature. It's got something of a Paradise Lost-style framing device and I like the notion of these three primordial goblins spying on mortals in the Earthen plane and scheming on ways to manipulate them. The fairy tale way that Ghast and his brothers speak with a eachother was just entertaining to read, and I'm curious to see where their pulling of these three magicians' puppet strings go.

The Bad

Maybe I'm just getting to be too much of an old fogey, but I just couldn't get into it this title's main feature. It's not that it's necessarily lacking in anything in particular, it's just that I've been around the curve of teenage superheroics and mysteries wrapped in soap opera drama too many times to find this fresh. It's more or less an "in-between" issue with characters talking about eachother and how they're going to solve Raven's mystery, and I'm not intrigued to see what happened to her, or where the Wyld is or how Superboy and Wondergirl's relationship plays. This book is Teen Titans, after all, so maybe if I were still a teen I might be more into it. I will say that it definitely this line-up has far too many members and I can practically feel it buckling under all their weight. Also, I have to say that "Brad Pitt line" in the back-up made me roll my eyes.

The Verdict - 2.5/5

I recommend the back-up here, but not so much the feature. If you're a devotee of the characters, you'll probably want to see how their lives and interactions advance here. It's basically just a soap opera in tights, which is good or bad depending on how invested in the Titans you already are.