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Review: Sweet Tooth #14

Visceral and intense...

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As a full-out war between Jeppard and the tribes people brews on the surface, the hybrid children make a bid to finally escape their awful captivity.

The Good

Lemire's best strength is his storytelling.  He's got a true cartoonists' fluidity when it comes to making these scenes exist in your head simply through his choices in layout and angles. I was particularly effected by the panel with the nasty "brick braining" scene - - it was almost an optical illusion as I could feel the motion swinging through my head. Actually, there's a real sense of the visceral to this that I could get in to... the grime and hardness was almost palpable.

The Bad

I get the sense that the art in this book is an acquired taste and I honestly haven't gotten past the point of acquisition. There's some great grotesqueness to the monsters, but I think it extends a little too far to color everything in the title.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

Once again, it's too bad that I sometimes have to experience series like this in such a piecemeal fashion. I feel like I'd get a lot more out of this particular issue if I'd entered this series from the beginning and gotten gradually acclimated to the world of Sweet Tooth. The storytelling, like I said, does an incredible job of bringing you into this story but, considering how filthy and warped it is, it's almost too much for my senses.