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Review: Superman/Batman #78

As seen in the battle threads...

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How many times have people asked the question "Who would win in a fight? Superman or Batman?" This issue has the answer... The FINAL answer! 

The Good

One of the first threads I remember from this website was the battle thread " Superman vs Batman." It's always fun to see what people's theories are, especially the crazy ones. This issue is just that: a summed up Superman vs Batman thread in 15 pages, with a PowerGirl and Huntress back-up. The Supe/Bat story is written by Joe and Jack Kelly and drawn by Ed Benes and it is an incredibly fun read, especially if you've ever had the "Who'd win in a fight" conversation before. Like most conversations, the books starts of with why they're fighting and ground rules are set. Then, as the fight actually starts, the stakes are raised higher and higher to crazier and crazier heights until the end of the book. The real winner in this issue is the reader because it's a humorous look into our own daily nerd-tastic lives. The last page of this story is by far the best, but I don't want to actually give away what happens, but it's definitely worth it. The back-up story was pretty good, and I really enjoyed the art style, which comes off a bit like Michael Turner's work. I wish this story could have been a bit shorter though.

The Bad

It's only 15 pages long and it's followed by two characters I don't really care for, PowerGirl and Huntress.

The Verdict 4.5/5 - Highly Recommended!

Stand-Alone Issue! Great Starting Point!

This is one of those books I'd tell any one from ComicVine to get, since the battle forums are a big part of the site. This is a comic book dedicated to comic fans. It's a great stand-alone issue, and you get two stories for $2.99. Ignore the cover and the solicit though, since they have nothing to do with this issue.