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Review: Superman Secret Origin #6

The finale is here... finally!

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Superman battles Lex Luthor and Metallo in the finale to Secret Origins.

The Good

Everything? Sometimes, I wish that would suffice, but it doesn't, nor will it ever. I'm a huge HUGE fans of Gary Frank's art on this, even moreso than Geoff Johns' writing, which is almost sacrilegious for me to say. A lot of people get bummed out by the retelling of their favorite character's origins, but in the defense of this book, it really needs it. Writing styles change over the years, and as great as it would be to go back in time and read the original origin story of Superman, wouldn't you like to see a more contemporary spin on it? I would, and did. This story itself is pretty simple, but takes all the elements of what's happened to the character over the years, and gives you glimpses into what's to come. We get a little of the people backing Superman, and him becoming the "beacon of hope" for the city. We get to see the start of the battle between Lex and Supe, and even the relationship between Lois and Supe, and a lot of that all comes from this single issue. I felt this was a great ending to a great series.

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The Bad

What's it been? Like 5 months? Sheesh! If I find something I love, I become incredibly impatient, and I've loved this story, so these past 5 months I've been checking over and over again when the book is coming out. After finishing the whole series, I would have rather seen this as an original graphic novel than a month to month book, and not just because of the delays, but because this book is a lot better in one sitting. The original solicit for this cover featured what look like to be a silhouette of Bizarro, yet there's no Bizarro in this issue. I was a little bummed out by that, unless I was tricked and this solicit came from somewhere else.

The Verdict 5/5 My Pick of the Week!

 Yes, the wait for this book was pretty annoying, but you know what? It was worth it. This is NOT the place to start, since it's the end of the mini-series. You have one of two options: You can wait until December 21st to pick this book up in trade, or hunt down all the individual issues, but either way, this is one of my favorite Superman stories and a must read for fans. If you've never liked Superman, give this one a try. Highly Recommended.