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Review: Supergirl Annual #2

A silver-inspired dream.

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Having finished her business in Bizarroworld, Supergirl finds herself thrown into the Legion of Superheroes' future; an era where her romance with Brainiac 5 blossoms amidst a terrible conflict with Satan Girl.

The Good

Brainiac comments at one point that Kara's going to remember this whole experience as if it were a dream, and that line's apt to describe what I enjoyed about the story. This really captures the whimsy of the Silver Age while still having strong character development and a surprisingly-menacing threat. As it's been hinted at for a long time, I was glad to see the romance between Kara and Brainiac finally getting a chance to develop on the center stage. Not only is their star-crossed puppy love impossible to resist, it actually ends on a rousing point of destiny-defiance that I could seriously get behind.

The Bad

The art could be a bit inconsistent at times. For instance, the good vibe I was feeling from the quite-tight opening pages was abruptly interrupted by the double-splash with the LSH recovering the downed satellite.  Instead of thinking about this big "widescreen moment" there, I was thinking about the anatomy, perspective and the odd quality the hatching took on.

The Verdict - 4/5

The Legionaires are usually my least-favorite characters in the DC Universe, so I'm doubly-pleased that this one-shot was able to turn what I normally dislike about them into a strength. More specifically, I've always found their peaceful future to be a touch boring but this story used that to play on the more fairy tale, almost Picaresque, aspects of their world for a genuinely charming story. Plus, I'm really curious to see where Brainiac's love-fueled plan will lead.