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Review: Supergirl #55

Man, I love this book!

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Supergirl battles Bizarro Supergirl! Yes, that's pretty much the whole issue.

The Good

Me hate this book! Get it? It's Bizarro speak. That means I love it. The whole issue is Supergirl battling it out with Bizarro Supergirl, and it's awesome. It never gets dull, although there's a very very small lull as we get a peak into the Daily Planet with Cat and Perry, but even that is still good stuff. My favorite part about this is the fact it kinda ties-in with the Escape from Bizarro World storyline, and in addition, the next few issues are going to be awesome. The end of this book got me super-pumped (pumped?) for the rest of this storyline. The art team on this book, featuring the pencils of Jamal Igle, the inking of John Dell, Marc Deering, & Richard Friend, and the colors of Jamie Grant, and Jim Devlin, is some of my favorite art at DC this month. (Although, I've been loving Igle's pencils on this book for a while) I was about to compare how much I loved the colors and inks on this book to All Star Superman's colors and inks, when I realized that the colorist on this book, Jamie Grant, did the colors on All Star Superman. I love them anyways.

The Bad

There's not too much to say bad about this book. The only problem I had was that I couldn't understand the Bizarro-speak sometimes. I thought everything was supposed to be the negative of what they were actually trying to say, but sometimes that didn't fit what was going on in the scene.

The Verdict 4.5/5- Pick of the week!

Sterling Gates really knows how to write an on-going book that is consistantly awesome. I've read about 6-10 random issues of this series and they've all been phenomenal. It's nice to see Jamie Grant on this book, along with the great pencils of Jamal Igle. As of right now, this is my favorite Kryptonian book. It's always solid and a lot of fun. I highly recommend this book. It's my pick of the week. You will not be disappointed.