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Review: Steve Rogers Super Soldier #2

This is what Captain America used to be like.

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Steve battles with a love from the past, as Steve tries to find out who shot Erskine, and who hired the shooter.

The Good

This is what I was missing from the Captain America book. It feels like the Captain America book did the first 30 issues. Yes, even after Steve died. This book, so far, brought back the detective/covert ops feel that I was waiting for. If there's one thing Brubaker is great at (well, there's more than one actually) it's writing Steve Rogers. He really has a handle on this character, even more so than Bucky. This book, and this issue, is a great mixture of crime and super-heroes. And although reveal pages can annoy me a bit usually, I got insanely excited after seeing the last page of this book. It leaves so many questions open and pumps me up for the rest of this storyline. I wish this was an ongoing book. When it comes to Steve Rogers and Ed Brubaker, I lean towards the artwork of Epting; however, I'm finally coming around (I don't know what took me so long) to Dale Eaglesham. He does more than compliments the great writing of Ed Brubaker, he makes this book stand-out from many of the other titles at Marvel.

The Bad

This isn't an ongoing title. That's my biggest complaint, and it's only 4 issues long. I understand that this pretty quick story will be over in two more issues, but can't it continue? Can't Steve Rogers stay Steve Rogers and go on these solo covert-op missions? I guess after this is done, I'll have to keep reading Secret Avengers.

The Verdict 4.5/5

Jump on this book if you're a Cap fan. Whether or not you like Steve as himself and wish he was Captain America again shouldn't matter. Because costume or not, he is Captain America. This is one of the few times I'll recommend a mini-series since most of the time, they aren't that great, but this one is the exact opposite.