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Review: Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1

More trademark Brubaker "secrets from the past."

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After getting a tip from Pete Wisdom, Steve Rogers investigates a drug company run by the grandson of Dr. Erskine who seems to be synthesizing a new version of the Super Soldier serum.

The Good

Brubaker draws another plotline out of Cap's early days and I'm actually quite intrigued to see what he does with this. It's looking like X-13, Steve's love interest from THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA mini-series (who's also featured in his reprinted origin in the back) is returning in some form and it could potentially give Cap his own " Catwoman" - - a femme fatale who may or may not betray him once again. Even though I have some issues about the lack of inking, I think Eaglesham nailed the signature look you need for a Captain America story here with the right mix of espionage-style realism and superheroic gymnastics. The carthwheeling fight with the roided-up guards was quite well done.

The Bad

I know this a question along the lines of "How can Wolverine be in every title at once?" but I'm not sure how Steve's solo espionage investigation in this title jibes with his new administrative role in the Marvel Universe. Even if the ordeal does relate to the Super Solider serum, I'd think he'd send a subordinate to take care of this dirty work. Also, the shadows were deep enough for the most part, but there were enough hazy portions in the art that I wished Eaglesham had worked with an inker on this.

The Verdict - 4/5

This issue ends with a good noirish cliffhanger that's definitely got me hooked. I'm curious to see some answers to the mysteries laid out here about the new serum and the (possible) return of X-13. Steve's new role as this maskless "super soldier" is something I've more interested in than his inevitable "return to the cowl" - - I'm looking forward to seeing where Brubbaker takes this new context. I was also glad that Marvel included a reprint of Cap's origin, because it was definitely eye-opening to finally read the simple six-pager that's spawned so many retcons and retellings.