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Review: Spider-Man vs. Vampires #1

Blood gurgling terror in this team-up!

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When Spider-Man discovers an underground "fight club" for artificial vampires, he has to call in Blade for a proper team-up.

The Good

I'll give it to them - - the closing gag where Spidey teases Blade about how his superhero name really should be "Batman" was a really funny button for the story. I wish there'd been more of that in the story itself.

The Bad

I really wasn't feeling this. Almost all of Spidey's dialog is really on-the-nose - - spelling out exactly what's on his mind as well as things that should be apparent in the art - - and both Blade and the bad guy's dialog never sounded realistic, either. There was even an eyebrow-raising portion of dialog lifted from General Zod's famous curse in the first Superman movie. The inkers seemed to also be doing their best to make up for rendering that was generally missing in the art.

The Verdict - 2/5

I was excited about this issue since I've always had a soft spot for Blade (right in the middle of my chest) but, I hate to say, this one-shot feels kind-of half-baked.  There's a kind-of interesting hook about this clan forcing kidnapped strangers into a vampire club, but that hook get quickly muddled under a foggy, half-hearted world domination plan.