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Review: Spider-Man Fever #1

Marvel Knights is back with this Spider-Man mini-series.

  Yes, this book is boob-trapped, and I fell for it.
  Yes, this book is boob-trapped, and I fell for it.
  When I saw the list of books this week that I could review, I needed something I've never heard of. So, I closed my eyes and randomly picked a comic from the list. The winner was Spider-Man Fever, and I was the loser. 

The Good

It's hard to figure out what I like about this book. It's like the last time a side-show juggler juggles chainsaws. At first, you feel pretty good about what you're doing, until you cut your own arm off. Then, you just regret. Anyway, it does have a kind of cool 70s feel to it, so it's a little like a Bronze Age book, except nowhere near as good... One good thing I can say is that my old segment Garbage Review is finally back, and Spider-Man: Fever is its first victim.

The Bad

If the sub-par artwork won't turn you off, then the awful story will. The art is basic, boring, and the only reason it pops at all is because of the over-use of flat colors. The storytelling is forced and that of a bad episode of Johnny Quest. Everything happens for a blatent reason, to get to the next aggravating page. The main villain in this issue, a giant spider with a top hat, is laughable at best as he tries and steals souls. By the way, his name is Daddy Longlegs. Thought you should know. Every time an action happens in the book, I cringe. It feels unnatural. The dialogue is cheesy at best. At worst, it's just plain awful. And if I have to read the word "Harrah" one more time, I'm going to cry. How many times was "Harrah" in this book? 76 times. Yes, 76 times. No word should be in a single issue of a comic that many times.

The Verdict

Going into this, I didn't think this book was going to be great, but I had no clue it was going to be this awful. A lot of times, if I read a comic I don't like, I can still say, "At least the hardcore fans of that character will like it!" No dice here. This is a book that should be avoided because it simply isn't worth your time nor is it worth your money. Do yourself a favor and pick up the book next to it and buy it because that has to be better than this.