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Review: Spider-Girl #1

Not half bad.

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Arana finds some helpful mentors in the Fantastic Four (even as she tries hard to keep her resumed superheroic double-life from them.)

The Good

The character work in this is so strong that I actually felt like I was tagging along with some real people in a fully-realized world. It's kind of weird that this functions so well almost as a "slice of life" story in a superhero universe but, nevertheless, it was those portions that I enjoyed the most. Also, Henry's art has such great personality, I immediately thought of Kevin Maguire's work.

The Bad

The talking heads portions in the middle seemed like they ran just a touch too long and could've benefited from being a little more concise. Also, I know that part of the point of this book is to give a different angle (possibly more appealing to girls?) on web-slinging, but it still seems like some serious overkill for a superheroine to be stopping cat snatchers.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

I'll fess up to being a little resistant to this book on account of the attachment I have to Mayday Parker Spider-Girl we've know for the past ten years or so.  However, once I gave it a fair shake, I found I couldn't help but almost immediately start sympathizing and even rooting for Arana. May she do the moniker justice.