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Review: Soldier Zero #2

Deep space culture clash!

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Armed hostiles might actually be the least of Soldier Zero's problems as he first tries to overcome the language barrier.   

The Good

While I might've had some minor issues with the precise execution, the way in which Soldier Zero communicates with these humans - - with a jumble of sampled soundbites -  -  was a neat spin on the usual culture clash you see in alien visitor stories like this. The costume designs in this are quite sleek too, updating the classic superhero look enough to make it look like it could actually work in reality. 


The Bad

Though the "alien speech" is a cool gimmick, it can make the plot a little tricky to follow, especially when you're getting the dueling thoughts between Soldier Zero and the host. Admittedly, I haven't gotten the chance to read the first issue, so this might've been less a concern if I'd gotten to see something important that was probably established there. Although, him changing voices might've contributed a little, since that's trickier to immediately convey in print.  

The Verdict - 3.5/5

This book is an interesting intersection of talents. It's a classical superhero from the mind of Stan Lee, but Cornell's execution tightly brings it up to modern standards. It actually feels like one of the better ultimate books as you get some classic-feeling concepts revamped with a contemporary edge. I'm very eager to see where Soldier Zero flies to in next issue.