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Review: Siege Loki

Feelin Tricky?

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  Siege is the current Marvel event about the fall and siege of Asgard. This one-shot issue takes the reader a little deeper into how everything came into play. So far, I haven't been that impressed with Siege, although I think the idea for the story is great. It's nice to see Loki have his own one-shot in this. He's a truly under-rated villain, and if you didn't know, he was the very first Avengers villain... and he's tricky and whatnot.

The Good

I loved how this story plays out. A plan coming together that may seem impossible to many. This book is more of a behind-the-scenes counterpart for Siege. It makes me a lot more interested in the overall Siege storyline and how Loki plays into the final act of the story. Anytime someone from Asgard talks, the font in the lettering is different. It's the little things like that I enjoy. Other than those two things, I wasn't too much of a fan. 

The Bad

The art reminded me of the that Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from the early 80s. It is plain and boring. The writing didn't do too much for me either. Other than three really exciting pages, this issue just bored me. I understand a lot of the stuff I didn't like about this book, which seems contradictory to what I said earlier, is part of the whole plotting and planning of Loki, but the actual execution wasn't that great. I'll reiterate it again, just so I'm not confusing anyone (or myself). I love the idea of this book, but the actual book itself was average at best. 


If you're really into everything Siege, you're going to want this book. There is some great stuff in here, but only about three pages of it. If you think Siege is anywhere from "just ok" to "i like it" then you may want to pass on this. It's another Marvel tie-in to a big event that is nothing more than mediocrity with a really pretty cover.