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Review: Siege: Captain America

Definitely worth picking up.

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Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers figure out who should be Captain America while they protect an Oklahoma family from Razor-Fist during the Siege.
The writing on this was a lot better than I expected. Gage manages to pull off a good character piece, defining the relationship between Steve and Bucky regarding who should be Captain America, while still pulling off a muscular action story. Characters like this are tough to write in way that conveys their emotions realistically. You want them to be three dimensional, of course, but all-too-often you have usually stoic tough guys suddenly blubbering about their feelings. Not the case, here.  Gage weaves a credible arc throughout witty dialogue and well-timed action (the playing possum gag worked very well).
Dallocchio is a good artist, but his style really isn't suited for a superhero story like this. I think he'd be better off doing a horror story or something closer to Earth. His figures don't really have the superheroic musculature you need here - - they have realistic bodies that are more often in poses you'd see in a still-life class. Also, his storytelling doesn't always fit the script. It was clear that there was miscommunication on the first page where Bucky plays possum, as the art didn't reflect the dialogue.
This is worth picking up for the story. Gage takes what could have been another throwaway crossover tie-in and actually delivers a worthwhile story about Cap and Bucky. I wish I could recommend it more, but the art really didn't fit here.