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Review: Shadowland: Bullseye #1

This one-shot's a hilarious morbid joke.

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The Hell Riders, a biker gang devoted to Bullseye, kidnap Ben Urich to force him to record the insane funeral they're throwing together to honor the recently-deceased super ass

The Good

As I've said with other comics this week, I always enjoy a title that's spun out of a wild, singular idea. And this one-shot's about giving one of Marvel's evilest villains a truly upside-down funeral. Actually, between the Hell Riders' brazen approach to "mourning" and the cover's "loaded coffin", I couldn't help think that this might've been inspired by infamous punk rocker GG Allin's equally infamous wake.  The whole thing's was like one great black humor joke and I loved how the wrongness just kept escalating before we get one hell of a morbidly funny punchline twist ending.  Still, Layman takes the plot seriously enough to give the plotting some real finesse, like Urich's sneaky way of alerting DD and their subsequent uneasy relationship. Chen's art also gives a great deal of credibility to all the scenes with his realistic rendering style.

The Bad

Maybe the one thing that pulled me out of this was the Hell Riders' almost childish devotion to Bullseye. I know that they aren't supposed to be the sharpest tools in the shed, and a joke's even made about how Bullseye's got their loyalty basically as a prank, but these mean biker dudes still seemed a little too eager in their allegiance.

The Verdict - 4/5

I haven't been reading any of the Shadowland crossover (nor even anything Daredevil-related in years, for that matter) but I didn't really need to. Layman manages to do a fairly self-contained told-in-one here that gets you up to speed with what's happened in the rest of the storyline without making you feel like you've missed out on anything.  Pick this up for a wickedly fun told-in-one.