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Review: Serenity - Float Out

A one-shot written by Patton Oswalt dealing with Wash.

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Wash was a beloved character in Firefly and Serenity. If you've seen the movie, you have an idea where this comic is going.

The Good

It's nice to see some backstory on Wash. In the series,  he didn't get enough camera time -- that's a fact. Here we get to see a little more on who he was before we were introduced to him. The solicit for this issue also mentions a big cameo. Yes there is one. The ending is a bit of a shocker that makes up for the rest of the issue. And let's not forget how amazing Jo Chen's art is (on the cover).

The Bad

I like the character but these 'flashback' tales from Wash's past didn't blow me away. Some of his essence was captured. I surprisingly found myself not caring too much as I was reading. I thought I would absolutely love this issue when I first heard about it.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

It was okay. I was let down. It wasn't everything I hoped it would be. I enjoyed getting more information on Wash but the stories told weren't stellar. Even though the aim of the comic is clearly set on Wash, you can't help but wish to see some of the other crew. The ending was shocking even if it was a tiny bit cliché. Still, it was nice to see something dealing with Serenity. We definitely need more.