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Review: Secret Warriors #21

Fight! Fight!

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Nick Fury's son, Mikel, squares off against the Gorgon for a duel that'll tear the caverns of Hydra's lair apart.

The Good

I usually hesitate to compliment a comic for being "cinematic" as I feel it's something of a backhanded compliment for the medium but , nevertheless, the panels depicting the duel that makes up the bulk of this issue really did feel like screen shots from some brawny blockbuster.  I'll tip my hat to the creative for having the courage to give such a battle the space it needs.

The Bad

Anybody who's frustrated by comics they can read in about five minutes should be warned - - you can probably blaze through this in about the same amount of time it takes you to toast a slice of bread. That isn't necessarily a problem, as the focus is this staggering brawl, but I'm starting to wonder if this series might be a little too decompressed, as it feels like this storyline with Hydra and Leviathan has been going on for an especially long time.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

Between Ultimate Thor and SHIELD, Hickman's quickly become one of my favorite writers at Marvel, right now. He's got a talent for taking familiar elements of this world and making them exist in their own fully-developed, utterly-believable "pocket universes." While I've been enjoying this book, and this issue's fight was a knock-out, I am starting to wonder if it's taking a little too long to progress things.