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Review: Secret Warriors #20

You won't believe what happens to Seattle!

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After the city of Seattle is completely annihilated, Fury marshals the Secret Warriors for a mission to stamp out Hyrda's forces for once and for all.

The Good

There are definitely some powerful moments in this issue. Stand-outs (unsurprisingly) included the nuking of Seattle and the part where Stonewall and the Hydra thugs "play with fire." I'll tip my hat to Colak and IMF studios for giving this a cool, bleached-out look that reminded me a lot of the Metal Gear Solid games. At the risk of getting too specific, I particularly enjoyed the "noise" they put in a lot of scenes -- it seemed like an effective digital update of classic techniques like ink splatter and zip-a-tone.

The Bad

If you aren't a fan of "decompressed storytelling," then you're probably going to be a little frustrated by this book. It's quick read on account of all the splash pages and I question if the images on the last two pages were significant enough to merit them getting a page a piece.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

It may shock people to say I'm missing Norman Osborn. I feel like this title had a more defined purpose during Dark Reign and its immediate aftermath. It's still quite well-written and exceptionally well-drawn, but without a governmental foe for these Secret Warriors to rebel against, it's getting harder to sum up this book succinctly. Now that such a drastic move has been taken, though, I'm eager to see how "Night" will unfold over the coming installments.