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Review: Secret Warriors #16

I don't know what the hell is going on, but I'm having fun...

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SHIELD steps back and watches the fur fly as a gang erupts between Hydra and Leviathan.

The Good

While Gugliotta's style very different from Caselli's, I still like liked his art as much. It's got an appealing Baorque curve. I'm continuing to enjoy Hickman's dialogue, which freely mixes hard-minded tough talk with more operatic soliloquies. That's especially evident during the scene where the new Kraken takes the mantle from the bed-ridden old Kraken. It also speaks to Hickman's talents that I'm still not sure who most of these characters are or what the hell is going on with this terrorist gang war, but I'm still enjoying the ride. I do like the way the classic Zodiac villains have been updated with the book's modern, sleek setting.  At least, that's who I think they are, given the preponderance of astrological signs here.

The Bad

I'm not sure where Leviathan got introduced, but it's naming is running a little too cute. You've got Hyrda, so, of course, it's a rival has to also be named after legendary monster. Just like how all the SHIELD, SWORD and HAMMER iterations were taking the whole weapon-acronym idea a little too far. Also, while I was glad to see Agent Garret from Elektra:Assassin show, his characterization was a little off. Instead of this lovably crass, crude, belligerent ex-con, we get... just another guy. And he's giving Fury due respect? Didn't seem like the Garret I know and love.

The Verdict - 4/5

This issue's in the thick of a bigger storyline. I'd still recommend it on it's own, but I'd almost go out to recommend recent trade collections over this, even though I haven't read the previous issues. If the title's been as good as this issue and the previous one have been, then I'm confident that the quality extended throughout the rest of the arc. And definitely keep your eyes peeled for Gugliotta - - he's got a unique style that's definitely going to turn some heads.