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Review: Secret Six #26

Somebody give Bane his own book... stat!

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The Secret Six are, once again, reluctantly marshaled to stop their even-more-villainous counterparts from conquering an extra-dimensional jungle and unleashing nuclear Armageddon on the US.

The Good

Holy crap... nobody makes Bane cooler than Gail Simone. Far from the roid-addict with a tendency to talk like Ivan Drago, this Bane, with his to-the-point speaking style and total peace with his will to power, is one of those rare characters where you're just waiting to hear what he has to say next. I could comment about how much I enjoyed seeing the Six put into action against their will again, and how well-done Waller's terse lunch table confrontation was... but it's Bane who steals the show. I love how the tribes-people take to worshiping him in a way that's a lot more reasonable than what's usually done in stories like this.

The Bad

This is another title that could really benefit from a recap page. I've been reading and seriously enjoying this title for almost half a year, now, but a month is still a long time to keep plot intricacies fresh in mind, especially if you're reading a lot other comics too. I'd honestly forgotten the precise reasons (or pretexts) for Bane's team getting sent to the prehistoric land and, while I wouldn't want Simone to put in a lot of redundant, expository dialogue, I was still a little lost without a recap.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

Month in, month out, Secret Six is consistently one of the best books coming out of DC. It's so well-done that I knew this was going to be a  good week for comics just by seeing that this was on the shelf. You could enjoy this for Simone's Bane, alone. Once this arc's done, she should seriously do a one-shot or a mini-series about this venom-abusing super-villainous brute everybody loves to hate.