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Review: Secret Six #23

A killer one-shot, just in time for Predators!

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The Secret Six are tricked into taking a job on a deserted island where they become the prey of a bunch of high-tech, super-rich thrillseekers who want to hunt some supervillains.

The Good

This fill-in was, quite simply, Grade A bad ass. Ostrander keeps everything lean and mean, setting things up quickly so we can enjoy the Secret Six giving these rich scumbags what's coming to them for the rest of the issue. There are just so many great moments: Bane ripping his collar off right away, Deadshot suddenly having "more bullets" after he nabs the mini-gun, even Ragdoll's sing-songy death threat... they were all Arctic cool and, more importantly, you see just how different all these characters are by their actions, reactions and dialogue. That's really why I like these kind of stories - - you actually get a range of distinct personalities. Silva's artwork's stunning, frequently giving a pop art design element to the layouts that made the action that much, well, sexier.

The Bad

I have to say that Deadshot's "Hey, it amused ME" gag doesn't really work and the cover looked a little too reliant on references for my tastes. I almost feel like this story was criminally too short. I would've loved to have seen the premise extended a bit, because I'm as much a sucker "Most Dangerous Game"-style stories as I am of "gray zone supervillains" stories.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

Seeing as how this issue's titled "Predators" and there's a certain major motion picture with the same title and a similar premise coming out this weekend, I can't help wondering if this Most Dangerous Game home was done as a nod to the movie. Either way, as a fan of Ostrander's seminal run on Suicide Squad, I was so pleased to see him getting to guest on another supervillain title. This is a killer told-in-one that I recommend to anybody wanting a damn good one-shot.