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Review: Scratch 9 #1

This kitten is definitely more than meets the eye...

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The new series, written by Rob M. Worley and illustrated by Jason T. Kruse is a four part mini published by APE Entertainment that will both delight children and entertain adults.

The Good

If you are a parent looking for a new comic series to read with your child, then Scratch 9 might be exactly what you have been looking for. When I discovered that comic creator Mike Kunkel ( Herobear and the Kid) not only endorsed the series, but illustrated the cover, I thought the chances were good that this comic would not only be perfect for kids, but a really fun read. The series follows Scratch, a young kitten who runs away from home and gets himself mixed up in all sorts of trouble. Things get kind of scary when he is caught by an evil scientist who wants to take Scratch and utilize his nine lives. Scratch soon discovers that he is not your typical kitten! The comic is a great introductory issue that lays out a clear foundation for the rest of the story and is a clear and easy read whether the story is being read to children, or if they are learning to read. I can definitely see this comic on television; I think it would make for a fantastic animated cartoon.

The Bad

Some of the art does not really tell a very good story and does not really follow along with the dialogue and the events. Additionally, the story seems rushed and I found that it an integral piece of the story was missing- specifically, the relationship between Penelope and Scratch. In order for the reader to care about the relationship between these two characters, more time should have been spent documenting their relationship/interaction.

The Verdict 3.5/5

There are some essential qualities that seem to be missing from this book; specifically the story of Penelope and Scratch and their relationship. Why should the reader care? The story seemed rushed at times and the artist seemed to have struggled with some panels, but overall the art was good. The book is fun for kids, and tells a seemingly sweet story. Overall, I would recommend it.