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Review: Red Hood Lost Days #2

He's not Red Hood just yet, but he's well on his way.

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More of Jason Todd's resurrection is revealed, and what he did between that and his Red Hood days.

The Good

Overall, I like the fact this story exists. I loved the first issue, and I can't wait to see how this all plays out, even though we all know how it ends up. Judd Winick's writing is as strong as ever and Cliff Richards (pages 2-9) art is great. The first four pages of Jason freaking out, were probably by far my favorite part of the issue, not just because of the action, but because of the pain Jason is going through once he feels betrayed by Batman. You start to really feel for the character, a character I called a 1-900 number for to kill off in the 80s.

The Bad

This was a pretty boring issue. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but overall, it didn't get me as excited as that first issue did. I'm more excited for the issues after this one than anything else. The major problem I had on this book was that two artists did the art on this issue. There wasn't too much difference between the artists, but there was just enough for me to get a little annoyed. Yes, I'm way too picky with that, I know. There's also one splash pages of Batman soaring down, which looks really cool, except for the face he's making. It looks like he's taking a poop. It's hard to look at.

The Verdict 3/5

I'm a little critical about this issue, mainly because I'm a huge fan of the creative team and the character. I have a feeling that overall, this will be a great series, but this singular issue feels like it's just setting up the next couple of issues and nothing more. I'd recommend this if you're into Jason Todd, but other than that, you may want to pass this book. It's really for fans only anyway.