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Review: PunisherMax #7

Don't be sad because of FrankenCastle, this is true hardcore Punisher action.

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For those saddened by the "death" of Frank Castle and birth of FrankenCastle, you can still get hardcore Punisher action here.

The Good

Violence. I'm not at all saying a book has to have violence in order to be good but with a character like the Punisher (and Bullseye), it makes perfect sense to have it. It was also great when we get a little refresher on some of Bullseye's earlier work. Just hearing about some of his past kill missions sets up how crazy and deadly he is (and should be). There was one part where Bullseye was "interrogating" someone and the way he "ended" it gave me one of those nervous chuckles you get when you see someone gruesome and funny at the same time.
In just a few panels, we get gain so much insight on both the Punisher and Bullseye. This may be a story from the past but it moves along and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The Bad

I like Steve Dillon's art but sometimes the way he draws eyes just freaks me out. I also have to mention a panel in which Bullseye smiled that looked creepy and weird at the same time.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

I'd forgotten how cool a Punisher story could be. I do like the FrankenCastle stories but this simply different. The Punisher and Bullseye should both be portrayed as crazy and deadly characters. Being a "Max" book allows there to be more adult situations including the violence and language. I've liked Frank's appearances in the regular Marvel books but this is almost like a whole new character. Keep this one away from the kids. I just hope the final confrontation between Punisher and Bullseye won't be a let down.