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Review: Power Girl #18

Power Girl's more kick ass than I've ever seen her.

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Power Girl squares off against her evil duplicate for a knockdown drag-out brawl in the tundra, and the outcome might just finally bring her close to Maxwell Lord.

The Good

This might be the first time I've ever read a Power Girl comic and thought she was a stone cold bad ass. Fights are literally a dime a dozen in comics and it's, thus, especially hard to make one stand out from the other - - so it's saying a lot that PG's fight with her evil duplicate was absolute powerhouse. Basri's art has so sleek and collected before - - I didn't know he had this kind of force in him.

The Bad

As much I'm digging the art, I do have to question some of the designs, as Sivana's goons reminded me an awful lot of the new Cylons from Battlestar Galactica and PG's evil duplicate costume almost did look too much like a bartender's outfit (then again, I'm not really complaining about that.)

The Verdict - 4/5

Winick and Basri had a really tough act to follow when they took this book over from Palmiotti and Conner.  They've succeeded in not only keeping the fun that made the book so appreciated in the first, but also in giving their own dynamic, kick-ass spin to PG's adventures. Also, I won't spoil things, but this perfectly coincides with the surprise at the end of this week's Brightest Day, getting me seriously excited about where things are heading for the Maxwell Lord mystery.