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Review: Power Girl #17

They make such a good team.

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After she finishes her team-up with Batman, Power Girl travels to the Arctic to confront a mysterious foe with some alarming similarities to somebody she knows all too well.

The Good

Winick gets these characters. He makes them real people and that especially comes through in Power Girl's ruminations about the differences between Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson as Batman. There's even some hint of flirtation that I think would make for a great sub-plot in the book - - an interesting riff on the classic "World's Finest" dynamic. Basri's art is suave and stylish, too, with a clean, direct readability.

The Bad

While I was definitely digging Basri's art on the whole, the preponderance of snowy landscapes in this issue made me notice that details might be a little sparse on the scenery; even away from the Arctic. While the coloring crew certainly does a bang-up job, I wonder if the overall look might be better served with more of the detail going into the lines.

The Verdict - 4/5

For a character who, at first glance, would seem limited to silly cheescake stories, Power Girl's actually one of the better realized characters in the DC. You can honestly put her in a situation and know she'll react in a way that's uniquely hers, not that of an average "lead." It's that strong three-dimensionality of character that's made this book worth picking up over the months... and it's that quality that continues to make it worthwhile.