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Review: Power Girl #15

I was wondering when that ol' devil would show...

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Desperately scrambling for ways to defeat the seemingly-invincible Crash, Power Girl has no choice but to blackmail Nicholas into using his hacker skills to find the behemoth's weakness.

The Good

As I said about issue #15, this title continues to be a well-executed solo title. It isn't reaching for much more, but it doesn't really need to be. Winick and Basri haven't missed a beat in their transition from Palmiotti and Conner. Once again, I think the writing's perfectly captured PG's personality as being noble and indefatigable, but not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. In this case, it's her thinking she can honestly fool Nicholas into buying her thin secret identity alibi and then subsequently being surprised when he deduces the truth. Basri's art is also endlessly appealing - - straddling the clean lines of an artist like Chris Sprouse with the dynamic, detailed rendering of an artist like Andy Kubert.

The Bad

Maybe this is a minor quibble, but wouldn't Power Girl be absolutely exhausted after her iron man match with Crash? He'd been trouncing her all over town for the first half of this issue, yet she's not even fatigued after an hour-long brawl with him? It takes an big ball of Kryptonite to finally lay her low? It just seemed to diminish what could have been some really intense drama - - the fight was the center point of the story, after all.

The Verdict - 4/5

As I've been enjoying what Winick's doing on Generation Lost so much, I've been waiting for this particular shoe to drop. Power Girl was a member of the JLE, as I recall, so I was wondering when her relationship with Maxwell Lord was ever going to be addressed. She doesn't seem to remember him, so I'm really curious to see how this plotline plays out. Finally, somebody from the other side of the mindwipe bubble is going to deal with this newly-resurrected scumbag.