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Review: Power Girl #13

The new team does right by Kara.

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Power Girl suffers attacks in both her secret and superheroic identities, as she combats OMACs seemingly activated by the resurrected Maxwell Lord at the same time one of her employees betrays her company.

The Good

Power Girl's one of those titles that really need a clean, appealing style, especially after Amanda Conner's crisp work has become so strongly identified with the character. I really thought that'd be too tough an act to follow, but Basri handily captures that fun vibe while still keeping a unique style. Winick also does a bang-up job of making the classic "superhero with a secret identity" dynamic work when the real life soap opera stuff can so often seem boring in comparison to the superheroics. You'll be surprised at how gripping this issue's cliffhanger is, given that it's just about one of PG's employees embezzling money from her. As always, the best plots are shaped by the character and this was especially effective for fitting Kara's characterization as a well-meaning woman who's sometimes too trusting. Even though it wasn't any new information, I also liked the sequence summarizing PG's history from her own perspective. And the scenes with Kara handling her buzzing staff and some potential come-on's were actually quite cute.

The Bad

You know, there really isn't too much to gripe about here, except to say that, while it does execute the tradition well, it's not an especially new take on the solo superhero title that will really get you excited.

The Verdict - 4/5

This is a good companion piece to Winick's other stellar book this week, GENERATION LOST, showing Power Girl's perspective of Maxwell Lord's act of global deception. As dark as things get (and they do get dark), I'd describe this title as light and appealing in the best way, because that's exactly what it should be. Any readers concerned about Gray, Palmiotti and Conner's departure from this title should breath easy knowing it's in good hands.