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Review: Outsiders #29

Can you sink your teeth into this?

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Vampires and vampire hunters gnash fangs as Looker plays a cat and mouse game with Stake. 

Whichever artist drew the second half of this issue did a bang-up job. The art gets heads-and-tails better by the halfway point. I would've liked to have seen more of it. Also, I have to say that there were definitely some good quips throughout this, particularly the whole exchange about Stake having something "long and pointy" for Looker in the night club.

I haven't been reading this title, so I can't tell which pages are drawn by Tan and which are by Kramer, but the impression I got is that whichever drew the first half of this issue was brought in late and had to do a rushed job. The art's very inconsistent for that first half. Sometimes it's got a cool Howard Chaykin quality, then it seems a little sloppy and, at points, even a little amateurish. The two big panels of Stake are so straight-on and symmetrical that they seem like anatomy studies from a portfolio. Story wise, I'm generally stick to death (pun intended) of vampires and, even though this adds a superhero element, I don't feel that this really put enough of an interesting spin on the creatures to get my interest.

This issue's kind of messy, art wise. I get the sense from the cover that this was meant to court fans of Twilight, Vampire Diaries and all the other stories about the creatures of the night, but I really wasn't feeling it. Stake, in particular, came across as rather poorly-realized and I'm not really interested in seeing what Looker's spurned fan does next.