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Review: New Mutants #18

A full-out, knock-down, drag-out brawl.

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The New Mutants' conflict with Limbo's "new Hellions" erupts into a full-out, knock-down, drag-out brawl.

The Good

Execution is the name of the game and Wells & Kirk deliver another well-executed comic that pulls you into the action immediately and gets you involved in every single step of it. Even simple scenes like the "brain stem cannon face" mutant getting his lens fitted on had seriously solid tension. I don't know what these new Hellions' history is, but I was quite intrigued by the parade of colorful grotesques (with a lot of humor joining it.) My favorite parts were definitely the one "rocket" man's inadequacies about Cannonball's powers and the truly, utterly, completely creepy reverse-speech scene with Cypher.

The Bad

Marvel's hells seem to be showing up a lot lately between this, Wolverine, Chaos War and the latest arc of Thor. Once again, I can't help feeling like there's a lot of double, triple and even quadruple dipping going on across the line. So much so that, again, I can't help wondering why these heroes and their demons aren't all running into each other - - because it's getting so crowded down there!

The Verdict - 4.5/5

Month in, month out, this has been one of my favorite titles from the X-Men line. I was introduced to most of these characters right when X-Force was first hitting its stride, so I've always considered their New Mutants iterations to honestly be a bit boring in comparison. So it's a notable accomplishment that this creative team has not only got me interested in this version, but also got me hooked enough to be looking forward to this title every week it's out.