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Review: New Mutants #13

Another chapter of Second Coming. Who's going to die here?

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Chapter 7 begins. Place your bets to see who will be the next mutant to die.

The Good

It's great that we do get some follow up on the previous issue. One of the complaints I've had about Second Coming is at times there's some inconsistency. For example, we do get to see what happens to Warlock after he broke the promise he made to himself. We also get a nice scene between Scott and Hank.

The Bad

Yes Scott is a soldier at heart now but the way he simply told Domino about Kurt was too cold. It's also unfortunate that the New Mutants aren't the center stage in their own book. I understand that this is part of a much bigger story but it felt out of place to see that one scene I mentioned above between Scott and Hank appear in this book. 
Another inconsistency occurs with Hope. We know she's supposed to be tough as nails after everything she's been through with Cable when they were on the run from Bishop. Throughout Second Coming we've seen her on the verge of tears, wanting to buy a brush and now getting in Dani Moonstar's face when Dani expresses her anger towards Cable.
We also get a cliffhanger that leads into another "Second Coming Revelations" book rather than the next chapter.

The Verdict - 4/5

Despite my gripe about the New Mutants not being the focus of their own book, this was a pretty good chapter. We find out about another teleporter, we see if Hope can stand for herself, we see more of Donald Pierce's plan and get a decent cliffhanger. I feel like it could've used a tiny bit more action but it was still a satisfying read.