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Review: New Avengers: Luke Cage #1

It's a sweet Christmas in Philly.

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The Hero For Hire (and the Thunderbolts' new leader) gets his own mini-series.  This issue sees Luke Cage looking up an old friend in Philadelphia who got hurt trying to copy his "hero for fire" deal. Once in Philly, Cage runs into Hammerhead for a brawl.
Eric Canete's art has a graffiti-like loose energy. It looks like everything's coming at you through a warped, wide-angle lens, which makes the fight with Hammerhead really involving. Arcudi finds the right balance between the goofy Afro-sporting Cage of the 70s with the more serious, street-level one we've seen lately. It was fun to see what looked like a cameo from TMNT's Rocksteady, as well.
While the looseness of Canete's art is part of its charm, there are definitely some places where some inks would have have helped to tighten the imagery. There are some backgrounds, the cityscapes of Philly in particular, that look unfinished.  
This is solid comic. Nothing more, nothing less. You can probably guess how the other two issues shake down, but it'll be a fun story,none the less. The jokes don't run as funny as Arcudi could be, but it reads well. The best thing to check out is Canete's art, even if it's a little too sketchy, sometimes.