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Review: New Avengers #64

See through the Hood's eyes.

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The Hood's side of Siege is explored, as he and Madame Masque flee the crumbling ruins of Asgard.
The parallels drawn between the Hood & Masque's relationship and Ronin & Mockingbird make this worthwhile as character piece. The scene where they're all desperately trying to find each other in the collapsing rubble definitely made me step back - - I was surprised to see the Hood portrayed as a normal guy fearing for his girl. He's got confidence issues and insecurities of his own -- he's not a raving, evil madman. That being said, the scene where he throws his muscle around and puts the Mandril in his place by threatening to take away his powers was really effective. McKone does great here, as always. There's character to his work. I'll also say that, while the glimpses of Siege proper might be frustrating to some, I actually liked the atmosphere they set. The glimpses of the Sentry's wig-out gave the sense of this manic rush these characters were making through situations they didn't have time to understand.

There's not so much to criticize here so much as to say it's just serviceable part of a bigger crossover, nothing more.  It doesn't really stand on its own, but that's not really an issue.

Bendis most certainly has his signature style of dialogue and it works here. People have said that most crossover tie-ins are largely about character and less about plot, and that's certainly the case with this issue. Read this for a good look at the Hood and how he factors into this whole catastrophe above Oklahoma - - see him as a fleshed- out human being.