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Review: Nemesis #3

Comic's answer to rock.

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If Chief Morrow thinks he's got Nemesis right where he wants him, he's in for a hell of rude awakening as the super villain proves that no prison can bind him and no enemy's vulnerabilities are beyond his grasp.

The Good

I give Millar a lot of credit for not pulling a single punch to make this an unrestricted, uninhibited and totally balls-out outrageous experience. Nemesis' break-out and subsequent blackmail scheme against Morrow is so over-the-top, the roof (as it were) is completely out of sight. As for McNiven's art... it was absolutely blockbuster and totally badass, something all-the-more impressive given how the "behind-the-pages" portion at the back reveals just how much leeway he was given for 97-against-one guard beatdown.

The Bad

The fact that this is still a cape-and-tights supervillain story tempers my enjoyment a little bit, simply because I'm always thinking "Oh, this is an evil, color-reversed Batman" instead of just appreciating Nemesis on his own merits. I would've preferred it if they'd pushed this further into its own mileau, even if it were just a slightly more toned-down masked anti-hero story like Diabolik and Fantomas (as this is obviously inspired by.) And it should go without saying that this isn't intended for the easily-offended.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

I wasn't much of a fan of Kick-Ass, so I was going into this expecting not to like it and, thus, it means a lot when I say I found this to be a wickedly-entertaining comic. The action's wonderfully intense and the humor's so black that, even as you feel terribly guilty, you can't help but laugh at what your seeing (and yes, I'm talking about the twisted, twisted gag revealing what Nemesis does to Morrow's kids.) This is comics' equivalent to rock music... something loud, fast and inappropriate. Something you can't resist headbanging to, even if your parents won't approve.