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Review: Namora One-Shot

Co-star of Atlas gets her own one-shot

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Atlas member Namora gets her own one-shot as she swims through the depths of the seas and encounters other Atlantians. 

The Good

First and foremost, Jeff Parker can take any character or story and make it enjoyable, and although I may have my problems with this one, I still enjoyed reading it. (His six issue run on The New Exiles is highly under-rated) We also have great art work from Sara Pichelli which is complimented by the colors pf Rachelle Rosenberg. This book, talent-wise, has a lot going for it, but when it all comes down to it, Namora just didn't interest me.

The Bad

You ever read a comic and wonder to yourself, "are they writing this to see if people will buy it just so they can do an on-going or mini-series down the road?" This book screamed that to me. It was massive amounts of expository dialogue in order to catch the reader up on Namora and who she is. There was a smaller story within this, which was enjoyable, but why not just do a mini-series? Maybe 4 issues. It feels like there is way too much packed into this issue, except for an actual story, just lots of dialogue.

The Verdict 3/5

Great creative team on this book, and I would love to see the three of them work together on something that wasn't a throw-away one-shot. The book stars a character who could be someone interesting that could warrant her own book, but  this issue falls a little flat for me. This is one of those weird instances where I'd recommend this if you want to see a writer, artist, and colorist work really well together on a book. Other than that, pass on Namora.